Little Green Stickers

This one is not sour grapes, so don’t accuse me of it. I think the Patriots loss to the Jets exposed a need for a rule change in the NFL.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning don’t need a lot of help to read a defense. But if they want help, or their coach wants to give them some, that option is there.

The same goes for any mediocre quarterback, or any defensive play caller such as Ray Lewis, Clay Matthews, or a bum who happens to be the best middle linebacker on a bad defense.

The coaches have time to talk to one player via radio before the ball is snapped so the team can adjust its formation or the play call.

Why are special teams excluded?

Patrick Chung may have made the call for New England’s fake punt on Sunday, there has been some confusion as to what happened on that play.

Why can Brady have a radio to hear from Belichick but Chung (who, as the personal protect man on the punt, is the “quarterback”) can not?

Time to put a little green dot on the personal protect man’s helmet, as well as his counterpart on the return team. It probably wouldn’t have changed this week’s playoff game, but we have the technology, why not use it?