If You “Tebow” in Front of Me, I’m Still Going to Kick You in the Head

Tonight’s Jets-Broncos finish was intense. First off, I still don’t care for Tebow, I still think he will be out of the league in a few years, but that was pretty impressive. Also, I want to thank the Broncos, Tim Tebow, and ostensibly God(?) for ending the Jets’ season.

But the thing that got me was the Jets defense on the touchdown run that effectively ended the game.

Please, Tebowmaniacs, leave me alone, I’m not saying Jesus’ younger brother wouldn’t have found another way into the endzone. He would have, ok? He’s never going to lose another game. But seriously, let me split hairs for a minute over how it happened.

Rex Ryan said in his postgame presser, “We knew he was going to run, he likes to run in that situation.” Really now? Then why did you flush him? It seems to me, if he’s going to run, you should back up and keep it in front of you. You’re up by a fieldgoal. Even if he moves the chains, you don’t lose by giving him 3-8 yards up the middle.

I think the formula (not the execution) for beating the Broncos is simple. Dare Tebow to throw. What Rex Ryan did, on the last play the Bronco offense ran, was dare Tebow to roll out. Did that play call make sense to anyone?


McDaniels Drafts Superstar Fullback, God Now a Broncos Fan

I can’t take credit for this headline.  This was one of the possible mast-labels the Denver Post was kicking around tonight.  I have spoken at length about Jay Cutler on this blog.  I’m not a fan, and I never was.  But one important thing to remember is that I have been right about Jay Cutler every step of the way.  The Sanchize will go in the same category in a few years.

My point is not that I’ve studied anything at incredible length, that I have any kind of talent that is worthy of praise, but simply that my gut is good on quarterbacks (bout time my gut was good for something.

I say no to Tim Tebow.

Granted, I hate Tim Tebow, and I have for some two years now.  If there was a chance for Tim Tebow to not be on my you-know-what-list, it went by the boards when his mom made the abortion ad for Superbowl Sunday this year.  I hate his public displays of faith.  I respect his right to make them, but I exercise my own right to hate him as a consequence.

But on top of that, I think he’s headed for trouble.  The one thing that scares me is his will to win, which I cannot deny is incredible, and his religion plays into that.  You can ban every chemical in the world from your league.  You can test sweat, urine, spit, hair and if the union is weak enough, blood.

But you can’t ban fanatical religiosity, and that’s a drug too.  When you think Jesus is on your side, you believe that he’s going to help you win.  When you believe that upon your death, you’re going to paradise, you’re not afraid of getting annihilated by some guy twice your size.  And I believe that Tebow is that hook-line-and-sinker for Jesus.

That said, I don’t think he’s good enough.  He isn’t a great pocket passer, and he’s not going to outrun or truck defenders in the NFL like he did at Florida.  He runs when he’s in trouble, which has never been a good instinct for an NFL quarterback.  It’s been stereotyped (mostly because of actual on the field evidence) as a hallmark of black quarterbacks.  Now that barrier will be broken down somewhat as a white player goes and makes the same mistakes.  The best case is that he becomes Jake Plummer.  Is that what you’re looking for?

I say all this assuming that Denver’s Boy Wonder is not satisfied with his current quarterback (per usual).

If they play it smart and let him sit behind Kyle Orton, it is possible that he learns, that he changes his game, and that he becomes a solid pocket passer.  But I don’t think that’s why they picked him.  I think that McDaniels is looking at him as a starter in the near future.

If you’re throwing him in the fire and his second option is going to be Jabar Gaffney, good luck.  Jesus better be on his side, because the odds are not.