The War? 10 Reasons Why WEEI Will Remain on Top Despite the Emergence of 98.5 the Sports Hub

A few weeks ago, I heard the only mention of this new station on the airwaves of AM 850 WEEI.  They called it ‘the war’ because then WBCN morning hosts Toucher and Rich were taking shots at the hosts of the Big Show in WEEI’s 2-6PM slot.  They said it only a few times, each time it was met with genuine laughter from everyone on the air.

Many sports junkies in the area are watching with interest, wondering which station (if either) will dominate the other.  Some have a favorite, some don’t.  Personally, I could not care less.  Both stations have their strong points, both have irritating shortcomings.

But the fact is, WEEI is going to win this ‘war.’  It is so one-sided that I don’t expect it to take a full year.  Here are 10 reasons why.

10. The Whiner Line

It’s a small part of a day’s programming.  It is not very substantive, nor is it labor intensive for the station.  But let’s face it; the Whiner Line is the best 15 minutes of sports radio in the market every Monday through Friday.

WBZ doesn’t have it, WEEI does.  Quite simply, people will not give up the Whiner Line, even if they switch to WBZ for the other 11:45 a day. Continue reading