IF!!! We’re Going to Play 18 Games…

I’m not necessarily saying the NFL should go to an 18 game schedule. To me, I think it’s tough to tell these players they have to play 18 games from now on, because some have said that it’s not feasible, and I feel like it’s a tough thing to claim if you’re not in their shoes.┬áThe game has gotten more and more brutal for years, so maybe 18 games isn’t a great idea.

But as Chris Tucker once said, follow the rich white man. The owners want more, so eventually, no matter how hard they have to screw labor, they’ll get more.

The question then to me becomes, how do we take an 18 game schedule and make it more interesting? How can this change become more beneficial to fans? I’ve kicked this idea around a lot lately and while I’m revamping the schedules of entire leagues, I thought I’d throw this one out there. (Didn’t want the NCAA to feel special).

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