What Does the Marcus Stroud Signing Mean?

NFL.com lists Marcus Stroud as a defensive end. So the obvious implication would be that he brings the pass rush the Patriots so desperately need.
But I haven’t heard much about Stroud as a pass rusher. Apparently he played DE for Buffalo this year? Didn’t make any plays I remember and only had 3 sacks.
Plus, remember when he was dirty? He wasn’t playing end, he was inside with Henderson in Jacksonville, making a mess out of everyone’s running game.
Does this mean the Pats are looking at a 4-3 next year? I doubt it, but that’s the only way it makes sense. If you wanted a pass rush, Mathias Kiwanuka is available, and Mathias Kiwanuka Marcus Stroud is not.


Attitude Draft?

With the draft behind us, I want to take some time to analyze what the local 11 got and how they did.

It’s tough to disagree with Mike Reiss’ assessment that this was an attitude draft.  The Patriots absolutely went after the toughest guy, and some of the biggest guys available at each selection.

I also thought there was attitude in the trade with the Broncos.  Granted the Patriots moved down again in the first round, but I thought there was an element of “go ahead young man, take what you want, I see something you don’t see.”  I think it’s safe to say the Patriots weren’t interested in Tim Tebow at all, but definitely not unless he found his way into the 6th round or so, where drafting a mediocre fullback would be more appropriate.

I like the addition of Spikes at linebacker, and I disagree with Reiss that it won’t improve our pass rush.  If Spikes can play in the middle (which is why the Patriots took him) they can afford to send pressure from the outside more often.

I predicted the selection of Rob Gronkowski in the second round.  He’s going to be a fixture in this offense.  Hopefully he holds onto more balls than Ben Watson.  I also see him making an important impact on the running game.

Obviously only time will tell, but I give the Pats a B+ overall.