Who Do I Want? NHL Offseason

If this dude doesn’t do it for you from what you’ve seen in the NHL, here he is ruining Roberto LeBrongo. Who can’t get behind that?

There are probably Bruins who are only just now going to sleep for the first time since winning Lord Stanley’s hardware. This hasn’t stopped me from crunching numbers and looking for the piece that makes the next cup possible.

No telling which way B’s management is looking, but I figure the departures of Kaberle, Ryder and Recchi are fairly certain. I see Caron and Kampfer as the immediate replacements, and if you slot them in, the team would have just over $5 million in cap room.

That leaves an interesting amount of wiggle room for the Bruins front office. They would absolutely have to move some money to make a play at the top UFA’s, such as Brad Richards.

But the $5 million or so that the team will have to work with come July is enough to make lesser moves without losing anyone currently carrying the cup around the North End and getting smashed.

One wonders if the team will be willing to try to snipe RFA’s at the peril of its draft picks. The Bruins don’t have a history of making a play for significant RFA’s, but perhaps the relief of having a championship eases their worries about making such mistakes.

Does Zach Parise become a serious possibility? The Devils have 6 RFA’s and 3 UFA’s, Parise being one of the former. If Parise left Jersey for a million dollar raise this year via restricted free agency, it would cost his new team a first and a third round pick.

Not sure if Jersey could mismanage itself badly enough to lose Parise, or if Boston would part with the picks, but a guy can dream…

And outside of that, I’m not sure who I want this offseason. Meditate on this, I will.