Are You There, NFLPA? It’s me, Jim (Again)

Sometimes you take a guy to the wall and it works. Other times, he goes to football hell.

I wrote a letter to the NFLPA this spring, telling them that there was one thing they had to do during the lockout. It was pretty simple, I’d like to see football in September, but my biggest thing was, please get rid of the franchise tag.
Actually, it wasn’t quite that simple.
My take was, and is, I don’t like the position it puts me in as a fan and an observer when a guy gets franchised and wants to be a free agent, so he decides to sit out.
It’s really been the only effective recourse for players against the franchise tag, and while I understood why players did it, I was still bothered by this; they signed a contract, they voted for the CBA and they didn’t hold to it.
Well this spring they went to the mat. They held football hostage (so did the owners, but both parties equally did not compromise in March). So they had their negotiating sessions, at the cost of free agency, and mini camps, and OTA’s. They had a chance to get rid of it and they didn’t.
So when Adrian Peterson, or Patrick Willis, or whoever sits out because he doesn’t like the tag, I have a new take on it.
Screw ’em.
You guys voted. If you don’t like your new government, tough cookies. You screwed yourselves this time around boys. You have a brilliant new leader (hashtag d smith is a bad man), all the marquis names signed on to an antitrust suit (Brees, Brady, Manning), and everything that comes with it.
You had the owners’ collective balls in a vice, and you didn’t use it to get rid of that god awful slap in the face to the free market. Next time it bites one of you in the ass, I’m pro-team all the way.


Is ESPNU College Town Racist?

Ok let’s get the obvious questions out of the way. Jim, how much of a loser are you? You play ESPNU College Town? Dude, do you wear footie pajamas around all day while you watch the conference championship tournaments?

No Comment.

On to the important question. Is this game racist? For those of you who don’t know, this is the sports fan’s version of farmville. Build your own personal¬†Krzyzewskiville. All of a sudden, the game is offering me a Strom Thurmond Statue, you know, to spruce the place up.

What? Like, I’m sure there is some university in the south (probably somewhere in South Carolina) that loooves them some Strom Thurmond, and some racism, and still has a statue of him. But really ESPN? Can I get an A&M statue of George Washington Carver, only make him half monkey? No way there should be a statue of that guy on this game, nor on a college campus.

P.S. there’s some stupid thing on here where you schedule “rivalry” games but I can’t figure out who is “eligible to be my rival.” If anybody knows the game and wants to help me, I’d like to be rivals with Strom Thurmond

Open Letter to the NFLPA

Dear Players,
I have been on your side for a while now. For years when people who just want my opinion or value my football knowledge have asked, any discussion of NFL contracts have usually ended in my saying, “These players get screwed all the time.”
I oppose the blanket rule against guaranteed contracts. I don’t like the franchise tag. I generally think the owners abuse labor every time the CBA is on the table for (re)negotiation.
During this labor battle, I am still in your corner. You should fix this relationship with the owners. You should expose their shenanigans. And now, for the first time in my lifetime, you appear to have the leadership and the public good will to do it.
That said, get it right. Not counting the guys who will hold out this year because of the franchise tag, I have defended my last tag-ee.
You have the power to go to the mat with the owners over this. They appear to be headed there anyway, why not fight for something while you’re there?
The franchise tag sucks, but I’m done defending you in the daily water cooler discussions if you don’t fix it. Average citizens don’t protest their government’s actions by refusing to pay taxes. They don’t say I’m not going to work until you lower my tax rate or give me what I want. They VOTE.
Well it’s election day, gentlemen. Go get the system you want, because if you agree to a CBA, that still has the tag, I won’t side with the next Logan Mankins.

The Democratic Fanatic

Has Anybody Discussed the Parallels Between Wisconsin and the NFL?

I haven’t seen anything on this yet. The NFL and the Governor of Wisconsin are both union busting right now and I just think it’s funny.
The parallels don’t end at strife between labor and management. Both management parties are trying to take away the right to collective bargaining.
In both cases, labor is asking for nothing more and is open to cuts. The workers of Wisconsin have opened themselves to every request of the state house. The players were open to further restrictions on rookie salaries, they just weren’t into the 18 game schedule.
The governor of Wisconsin won’t stop at every financial concession he asked for, he wants the unions to no longer exist. It’s not about money in the state budget, it’s about the union’s ability to organize politically and oppose candidates like the governor.
On the other side, sure, the NFL is “open” to collective bargaining by its players, but it’s never hurt them before. The owners are 18-1 in labor negotiations. They lost the last one.
Now they want to go back to the days of a shadow union that does next to nothing for its players.
I just think it’s funny that no one has noticed this yet…this is as close as anyone has come.