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Drew Bledsoe Now Making Wine, Patriots Fans Everywhere Shocked

During his 13 year NFL career, Bledsoe threw 251 TD passes, over 40,000 yards, and scrambled as much as this figurine.

The 1993 NFL draft’s top overall pick who infamously lost his quarterback job to Tom Brady is now playing a new waiting game as the owner of his own wine label and vineyard. Bledsoe hasn’t been deterred by an industry that can be glacially slow, instead viewing it as a challenge. Via Yardbarker.

I’m not a wine person. Both times that I’ve had wine, I’ve enjoyed it enough, but that’s about how much I know about it. But even I, the not-so-big-wino-who-drank-it-twice, have one thing figured out.

Wine’s supposed to sit around for a really long time, right?

Like, seriously, you open a bottle of wine and it’s supposed to sit for like an hour or something? The guy that pours it is supposed to have a very steady hand, I know that, that’s not like some made-up, TV wino thing right? He’s supposed to have a steady hand.

So able to sit still for an hour and good hands required, but stepping up in the pocket or evading the rush less than mandatory? Right?
Why wouldn’t this guy be good at wine? This is what he did for 13 seasons in the NFL. Stand still.


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