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Is ESPNU College Town Racist?

Ok let’s get the obvious questions out of the way. Jim, how much of a loser are you? You play ESPNU College Town? Dude, do you wear footie pajamas around all day while you watch the conference championship tournaments?

No Comment.

On to the important question. Is this game racist? For those of you who don’t know, this is the sports fan’s version of farmville. Build your own personal¬†Krzyzewskiville. All of a sudden, the game is offering me a Strom Thurmond Statue, you know, to spruce the place up.

What? Like, I’m sure there is some university in the south (probably somewhere in South Carolina) that loooves them some Strom Thurmond, and some racism, and still has a statue of him. But really ESPN? Can I get an A&M statue of George Washington Carver, only make him half monkey? No way there should be a statue of that guy on this game, nor on a college campus.

P.S. there’s some stupid thing on here where you schedule “rivalry” games but I can’t figure out who is “eligible to be my rival.” If anybody knows the game and wants to help me, I’d like to be rivals with Strom Thurmond


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