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Has Anybody Discussed the Parallels Between Wisconsin and the NFL?

I haven’t seen anything on this yet. The NFL and the Governor of Wisconsin are both union busting right now and I just think it’s funny.
The parallels don’t end at strife between labor and management. Both management parties are trying to take away the right to collective bargaining.
In both cases, labor is asking for nothing more and is open to cuts. The workers of Wisconsin have opened themselves to every request of the state house. The players were open to further restrictions on rookie salaries, they just weren’t into the 18 game schedule.
The governor of Wisconsin won’t stop at every financial concession he asked for, he wants the unions to no longer exist. It’s not about money in the state budget, it’s about the union’s ability to organize politically and oppose candidates like the governor.
On the other side, sure, the NFL is “open” to collective bargaining by its players, but it’s never hurt them before. The owners are 18-1 in labor negotiations. They lost the last one.
Now they want to go back to the days of a shadow union that does next to nothing for its players.
I just think it’s funny that no one has noticed this yet…this is as close as anyone has come.


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